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Free Shipping on Woodstoves and Direct Vent Heaters. Click here for more info.
Free Shipping on Woodstoves and Direct Vent Heaters. Click here for more info.

Off-Grid Gear Proudly Made in America.

In the spirit of Independence Day, we'd like to celebrate some of our proudly 100% USA owned and operated business partners of The Cabin Depot™. Let's take a look at what our fellow patriots have to offer. 

Sunstar Solar Appliances

The story of Sunstar Appliances begins with an Amish family factory located in the state of Indiana. The original prototypes were designed as an alternative to ice-houses for Amish families. Consequently, Sunstar Solar DC Appliances are built with reliability, durability and most importantly, superb efficiency as a priority. Also, no inverter is required to run a Sunstar; they can automatically detect and function off of 12v or 24v DC power systems. 

Along with their 16cu/ft fridges in black, white and stunning stainless steel color options, they make fantastic freezers in 8cu/ft, 15cu/ft & 21cu/ft sizes. 


If you are looking for the ultimate off-grid fridge or freezer, look no further than Sunstar Appliances.


The OGO™ Composting Toilet

Made in Ohio, The OGO™ features an electric auger to agitate your compost, a removeable waste bin, a ventilation fan & a separate urine tank with a liquid level sensor. (Separating your liquid waste from solid waste is key to eliminating odors in composting toilets!) With just a bit of 12V DC power, the OGO™ is ready to use. The OGO™ has everything you'd want from a composting toilet, but with a more modern, sleek design.

Check out our video review of the OGO™ to learn more!

The Laveo by DryFlush

Made in Connecticut, The Laveo by Dry Flush toilet is a portable, waterless, cartridge-based toilet. Using a odour-resistant, liquid-proof liner, the toilet automatically reloads itself for each use. You can use the Laveo 10-15 times before you need to replace the liner. It's a perfectly portable toilet for certain applications like construction, hunting trailers, caring for a loved one, camping, or anything off-grid, really! Heres a few review of the Laveo™:

C. Lovell writes, 

"I can’t tell you how much we like, no LOVE the Dry Flush! Its everything they say it is.  Lightweight, no odor, you can put it anywhere!  It really is waterless!  No noxious chemicals needed!  My husband and I live in a very small cabin 6 months of the year, and this was just a perfect fit for our lifestyle.  We are going to purchase another for our boat. I highly recommend this product to anyone who hates cleaning and emptying a portable toilet system.  The price is much lower than most every other types of portable toilet.  (you do need to order refill cartridges eventually – although a bit pricey, they are working with new manufacturing processes to bring that cost down significantly.  Still much more affordable in the overall scheme of purchasing another toilet with chemical, compost and water issues!)   We are hooked!"


Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

Nature's head logo

nature's head composting toilet

From Ohio, this toilet or head, (the marine term for toilet) was designed in 2006 by two long time sailors who sought to create a more user friendly version than anything else on the market. While they designed their product to withstand the harsh marine environment, it can be used anywhere you need a toilet, especially anywhere that plumbing or electricity is difficult or non-existent.

Since that time, the toilet has undergone some modifications and enhancements, including the spider handle for the agitator which was introduced in 2011.

While originally intended for marine applications, this composting toilet from the Nature’s Head with Spider Handle is often installed in RVs, outhouses, cabins, tiny homes, and more. The version equipped with a spider handle is frequently chosen for its space-saving design, though a more conventional crank handle model is also available. It boasts a considerable capacity for solids—60 to 80 uses, while also easily handling toilet paper. The liquids container will need to be emptied daily or every other day, according to users. 

For some, the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is their first introduction to composting waste management—and nearly everyone is impressed by how easy it is to use. A number of people have said they were apprehensive at first but have been pleased with all aspects of this composting toilet, including how effective it is at odor management. It’s wired for 12V power to keep the exhaust fan operational and the composting climate optimal.

Midstate Lamps

Midstate Lamps LLC logo

Midstate Model 450 Propane LampMade in the USA, it's the largest, brightest, highest quality & certified indoor propane lamp available in North America! It should be no surprise why the Midstate Model 450 gas light is our best seller...

These fully OTL certified gas lamps have adjustable brightness and boast a 100 watt equivalent for a single lamp - and best of all, no power is required! With far superior quality vs other propane lamp designs, the Model 450 is an all stainless steel construction with a polished aluminum reflective dish which reflects the light downward while protecting the ceiling above. Adjust the brightness on the Model 450 with a simple turn of a knob which increases or decreases the propane flow - and best of all - uses standard tie-on mantles! No more expensive preformed mantles to worry about damaging!

The base single lamp kit includes everything you need to mount - just connect to your existing low pressure propane connection and the light is ready to use! This kit also includes the adapter, plug, and decorative shroud to accommodate propane connections inside the wall (hidden copper line) OR outside (exposed copper line.