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Free Shipping on Woodstoves and Direct Vent Heaters. Click here for more info.

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About Cinderella!

Cinderella Eco Group is a family owned company located in Midsund municipality in Romsdal, within Norway. Known for their manufacturing excellence, Cinderella Eco Group has over 20 years of experience with the Cinderella Incineration Toilet, an ecological total solution for processing toilet waste.

Get to know Cinderella!

The Cinderella incineration toilet was first available solely on the Scandinavian market in the vacation home segment. Today, our products are available on an international scale, providing solutions both to the leisure home owners and the professional markets, among others fish feeding platforms in Norway and Scotland, crane manufacturers for crane cabins, railroad companies, mining and site welfare solutions in portable homes for building and construction workers.

In addition to our dealers and representatives in the Nordic region, we also have distributors in place in Finland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and North America.

Ensuring proper waste management in accordance with laws and regulations is often a major challenge and requires careful planning. Our strategy combines modern technology with dedicated employees and thus we will always seek to set the standard for the optimal investment in first class, water-free, environmentally friendly toilet systems.

As our technology encompasses water-free waste handling and the bacteria-free outcome, our toilets have garnered great interest worldwide. We are particularly involved in building awareness for The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals where Goal no. 6: Clean water and safe sanitation for all by 2030, is very important to us. Meeting this goal alone will change the lives of over 4.2 billion people without safe sanitation today. We celebrate United Nations World Water Day, March 22nd to build awareness for water scarcity and support programs, World Health Day, April 7th to show support for the importance of safe waste-handling and World Toilet Day every November 19th to support the fact that access to a safe toilet is a human right.