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Lavario Portable Washer FAQ

Lavario Portable Washer


What are Lavario's dimensions and weight?
Lavario is 19" wide x 31" tall (including the handle), and weighs under 10 lbs.

How about the internal dimensions of the basket?
The basket is 11.5" in diameter and 11" deep. The capacity is 5 gallons.

Do all 4 tabs on the basket lid need to be engaged before washing?
Yes! This is a great question. It is very important that you engage ALL 4 locking tabs on the lid. If you fail to engage 1 or 2 tabs, the force of the water will break the others.

What's a typical load?
A typical load might consist of a pair of jeans, shirt, t-shirt, underwear and socks.

How much water is required?
We suggest 10 gallons (5 to wash + 5 to rinse), but you may certainly use less for smaller loads and to conserve water.

Can I stuff the basket full of clothes?
Fill the basket loosely so that the water flows freely through the clothes.

Does it take a lot of arm strength to cycle up and down?

Not at all! Only minimal arm strength is needed because gravity does the work on the down-stroke and buoyancy makes the up-stroke easy.

May I use any detergent?
Yes, you may use any detergent you like.

May I use bleach?
Yes, but we highly recommend wearing eye protection and old clothing/shoes in case of splashing.

What is the ideal water temperature I should use?
We recommend cool to lukewarm water (55°F - 75°F). Most household water systems are set for approx 120°F. Do not use very hot water (105°F - 125°F). Max water temperature should be 90°F - 95°F which is equivalent to a typical hot shower.

How do I wring the clothes?
The bottom of the basket was designed to help remove excess water. Just remove your clothing from the basket and place them in the bottom of the bucket. Use the basket to push down on your clothes and gently wring. Depending on the item you're washing, you may need to hand-wring to shorten drying time.

How do I dry the clothes?

Simply hang them on a drying rack or clothes line.

Can I wash clothes outside?

Do you have a warranty?
Yes, warranty is handled directly by the manufacturer. Please contact us for details. 

Where is Lavario manufactured?
Lavario is 100% made in the USA

Does Lavario contain any BPA, DINP or DIDP?
We're happy to confirm Lavario is 100% free of any BPA, DINP or DIDP. We use Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene to manufacture Lavario. Both materials, as well as any colorants, are free of BPA, DINP or DIDP.

Is Lavario recyclable?
Yes, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is recycle code # 2, and PP (Polypropylene) is recycle code #5.