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Free Shipping on Woodstoves and Direct Vent Heaters. Click here for more info.
Free Shipping on Woodstoves and Direct Vent Heaters. Click here for more info.

Terms and Conditions

*Please Read Carefully*

When your shipment arrives:

1: Inspect shipment carefully

2: Take pictures

3: Note any damage on driver paperwork

4: Either accept or decline delivery

5: Send photos to us immediately at

If damage is found after delivery and unpackaging please follow steps 1-5 within 24hrs of delivery.

Please read below for additional information and details about delivery and pick-up orders

*Freight claims will not be accepted unless the above process is followed.*


· The Cabin Depot™ partners with reliable trucking companies across North America who specialize in LTL (Less Than Truckload) pallet or appliance delivery. Once your order leaves our dock, the trucking company assumes all responsibility for delivering your order as quickly as possible and without damage.

· Delivery dates can vary depending on the trucking schedules available in your area.

· We carefully inspect all orders before they leave our warehouse to ensure they are accurate and in perfect condition.

· If you haven’t received a shipping e-mail confirmation with tracking and are curious about the status of your order, please let us know at any time. We can be reached via or call 1-844-603-4743 and select option #1. If we don’t answer, just leave a message, and we call you back ASAP.

· When your order arrives, you must carefully inspect it immediately before the truck driver leaves or attempts to have you sign off on the paperwork. Paperwork is normally provided, and your signature is requested by the driver to acknowledge your order was delivered. If they have no paperwork for you to sign (usually a BOL or Freight Bill), you can request it. Some drivers will want to drop your order and leave asap as they have other deliveries to make. But remember, you paid to have them deliver your order in perfect condition, and they will wait for you to inspect it.

If you sign the delivery paperwork without noting any discrepancies or damage, the freight company will not accept a claim and make the customer liable for any damage discovered.


1. Open all boxes & account for all items.

2. Ensure the items shipped are the correct model/type/colour.

3. If you ordered an appliance: you must remove the straps, lift the box, and look under the wrap to ensure no scratches or dents. Sometimes an appliance can be bumped or struck by a forklift without any visible damage to the packaging outside, so this is important!

Please DO NOT sign the driver’s paperwork unless you are 100% certain the order is complete, there are no missing items, and it has arrived in perfect condition.


Take pictures of the product as it was received! Note exactly what was shipped incorrect or missing on your paperwork. You need to clearly write this on the BOL or Freight Bill. Contact me and we’ll investigate and get this corrected for you asap!


As upsetting this may be, it does happen on occasion as careless drivers or warehouse workers may have mishandled your order. In this situation, you have 2 options:

1. If there is significant damage to the order, you can refuse it. Note “ORDER REFUSED DUE TO DAMAGE” on the paperwork, and make sure you take plenty of pictures of the damage. Then email this information to us so I can follow up with the freight company. We can then either refund your order or ship a completely new order to you if the product is still in stock and available.

2. If there’s only slight damage to your order, you can still choose to receive it. But note this damage clearly on the paperwork and take several pictures. Then send this information to