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Free Shipping on Woodstoves and Direct Vent Heaters. Click here for more info.
Free Shipping on Woodstoves and Direct Vent Heaters. Click here for more info.

Air Guyed 45’ Tower Kit

This tower kit is designed specifically for the Primus Windpower “AIR” 30 and 40 wind turbines.  Two level structure, anchored with guy wire allows the use of lightweight tubing while providing plenty or resistance. The AIR tower kit includes a simple yet effective elbow/tee for its base. Combined with a short length of tubing this type of base eliminates the need for a concrete pad, base plate and a swivel for the base of the tower.

Anchors and pipe or tubing are not furnished with the kit so you have the flexibility to use the most appropriate components for the installation.
This kit includes galvanized steel cable, not stainless steel cable.
Fast Installation
It comes with a Gin Pole kit to help errect the wind turbine (Set Up Kit) ; 
Gin Pole kit does not include any tubing for the Gin Pole Mast;
You can buy together with turbine mast tubing from metal store
Tower mast must be 1.5 in. schedule 40 steel tubing
No Winching required
No Cement Base if not needed

Kit includes:   

Tower Base 1

Upper Wire set 1

Lower Wire Set 1

Tower Base Staples 23/8” x 1 ½” 

Bolts 3-3/8” 

Lock-nuts 3

Cable Thimbles 8

Cable Clamps 16 


Items Not Included In This Kit:

Anchors (The type of anchors used will depend on the ground makeup at your tower site. This is
explained further in the “Anchors” section of this manual.)
Tubing for Tower and Gin Pole
Ground Rod and Clamp
Lightning Arrestor  (optional)
Junction Box and Adapter  (optional)
Flex Conduit and Fitting  (optional)
Electrical Wire
Wire Connectors (preferably copper split bolts)
Pipe Insulation (to prevent wire “rattle” inside pole)  (optional)
Electrical tape

Tower Setup Kit Parts List:
Gin Pole Cap 1
100’ Rope 1
Snap Links – Work Load Rated to 400# 3
8-foot Cable 1
3/8” x 1 ½” Bolt 1
3/8” Lock-nut 1

Mast Selection:

For pipe tube specifications please consider the wind speed resistance as the main mitigation factor in a relation tower height ( 45 Ft.) tube thickness and max win speed the tower will stand with no major impact on it.
.065 inch (1.65 mm) can stand up to 70mph for a 45 Ft. tower
.090 inch (2.3 mm) can stand up to 80mph for a 27 Ft. tower; Schedule 20
.140 inch (3.6 mm) can stand up to 900mph  for a 27 Ft. tower;Schedule 40

Air Wind Turbine Sitting and Positioning

The AIR wind turbine is designed to mount on tubing or pipe with a  nominal 1.875 – 1.900 inch outside diameter. This dimension enables  constructing a tower from a range of readily available materials including  1 1/2 inch Schedule 40 steel pipe and 2 inch SS-20 galvanized fence  tubing (0.090 inch wall thickness). Under no circumstances should plastic  pipe be used to construct a tower. The manufacturer has few tower designed in different range as  27 ft (8.3 m) Tower, 29 ft (8.8 m) Tower and 45 ft (13.7 m) Tower

The minimum recommended tower height is 25 ft (7.6 m) on open ground or 20 ft (6 m) above nearby obstructions. Try to locate the wind turbine in the “cleanest” turbulent free air as possible. Turbulence will reduce the efficiency of the wind turbine and may accelerate wear on rotating components.


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